Autumn Weddings


It seems like most brides wants a spring or summer wedding. Unfortunately the right time to get married does not always fall on summer. But the thing is that it does not matter what season you get married in, all seasons have a unique charm to it and can turn out as beautiful as any summer wedding. Though autumn might be one of the less popular seasons to have a wedding, though I cannot see why. The colors of the leaves and the lighting at this time are so beautiful and magical; it is absolutely perfect for wedding photos.

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There is just something so cozy and warm about fall. It is a time where leaves change their color and it slowly starts getting cooler. A wedding dress with long, pretty sleeves is perfect for a fall wedding, or a matching cape, scarf or jacket will be great accessories for a fall wedding.


To create a fall wedding its important to think of the color scheme warm golden tones, brown and orange and deep purple and olive. In terms of what décor to use it is nice to use natural elements like leaves, pumpkins, jars with honey and different flavored jams, and twigs on rustic tables with matching chairs, either in rusty looking steel or wood. To add some fall feeling to the flower decorations it can be nice to add fresh figs, oranges, apples and cinnamon in between the flowers. It is even nice to make the menu around the seasonal theme like pumpkin soup with biscuits as a starter, stuffed turkey for main, and a dessert table covered with decorative pies, apple pies, sweet potato pies and pecan pies, serving nice, warm apple cider on the cider. It actually creates a bit of a Thanksgiving feel.


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For a casual fall wedding, a barn wedding can be the way to go. It is a country-themed wedding perfect for the couple that likes the country romance. It is a very relaxed and simple look that has that rustic, old-fashioned country charm. A barn wedding might take a bit more planning, as it is not as easily decorated as a reception hall, but with good planning and coordination it can be done, making the simple, rustic barn to the most romantically gorgeous wedding venue. To give a soft, warm light fairy lights and lanterns will look great hanging from the barn rafters. A barn wedding can be very romantic.



The Greatest Wedding Gift


Because the commercial world has made such a fairytale out of weddings, it is such a huge wedding industry out there, and media talks about weddings all the time. Even as little girls grow up watching Disney Princess movies, the films usually ends with the prince and princess getting married, it never shows or talks about what happened after they got married. The trend today is that young woman spends so much time and put in so much effort planning a wedding that they completely set aside time to learn about how to build a happy, long lasting marriage. The time before a wedding gets spend on the ceremony details, finding the perfect lace wedding dresses, matching shoes and accessories, reception and the romantic honey moon. The bride and co to be walks around with a notebook full of names and phone numbers to wedding photographers, wedding venues, gift registries, and wedding boutiques, there is no one that walks around with books on how to prepare for a successful marriage. It’s as if the actual marriage itself is not as important as the wedding day. They want to get married and live happily ever after, but the question is how on earth do you do that unless you are prepared?

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I don’t think parents in general prepare their daughters and sons well enough for marriage. Though some parents tries to remind their children the importance of working on a relationship and what it actually means to be in a long term relationship, and in a marriage. Some young woman gets encouraged to write down characteristics they look for in a future husband, putting aside tall, dark and handsome and focusing on qualities like humble, honest, a good listener, thinks before he speaks, loving and caring and so forth. Making sons and daughters aware of these important qualities from an early age can help them to develop those qualities in themselves and recognize them in others. Even when buying a new car, most people spend weeks and months on studying the latest information there is about new cars before they go out to test drive and actually buying one. Another interesting thing is that when gaining an education we spend years on learning how to make a living, but what the education does not teach you is how to actually live, create a good marriage and a successful family.


I think it is sad that there is so little focus on preparing for marriage, in my eyes a marriage and starting a family is the most important thing we do in life. It is surprising how many people spends over 20,000 American dollars on a wedding, that takes months of planning just to create a wedding that has a ceremony worth about 20min. Is it strange that some marriages lasts less then their engagement? I don’t think so. I think most couple needs to spend more time on preparing themselves for marriage then what they prepare for their wedding ceremony and wedding reception. When a couple get a marriage license it does not make their marriage, it only gives the right to start building one.

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Its funny how many people will spend weeks and months on training their dog, but when it comes to training their child for marriage, the children must learn for themselves. It is the greatest gift any parent can give to teach their child on how to become a great spouse and how to look for one.